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As a student in ancient astrology, and with my background in therapeutic work, healing and developmental mentoring, I share my perceptions, to empower, uplift and anchor.

In practice of astrology it can focus mainly on the astrology chart, or be blended with counsel or mentoring. The idea is to spark your innate sovereignty, to stoke fires of radical Life, and to equip you in the way your Soul is uniquely expressing itself. Astrology in a shamanic sense, using mythical and archtypal nuances, combined with Cosmic tales, enables a totally expansive scene to emerge. On this platform the scenarios of your life can freely play out and one can observe, nourish and walk through the challenges, and harvest the fruits of the Soul. It is a dance between light and dark, dark and light, until wholeness can be experienced in the very moment. Your birth chart is a beautiful road map, a labyrinth of wild adventure, which can guide you through and beyond. Use it as your tool, and become your own sovereign being, even of your stars, the planets, your pitfalls, your life stories…

I have a rich and deep self-explorative experience of spiritual mysteries, esotericism, and a holistic approach to embodying and overcoming our many narratives, whilst healing our collective and ancestral wounds.

An interest in ancient history, mythology and archtypal psychology inspire and guide me upon my studies. We are made of so many stories, and we live in an infinite tale!

Shamanic astrology for counselling has fired up my research in incredible ways, and calls me to open my heart to share. The tool of astrology draws many different strands together, and offers me a patchwork quilt, as it were, to work with. Multicoloured dreamcoat…

What did you dream about for your life before your soul made its home in your precious body?

And how does your life interweave with the collective story and reality at present?

How can you embody yourself, and be part of the whole?

I am blessed to be studying with guidance from a wonderful teacher in the way of grounded and cosmic wisdom, Lalita Karoli (Vermont based). She has decades of experience in working through various astrological systems until she found clarity in the ancient Hellenistic form of astrology, where there are no interceptions as in modern astrology. She powerfully counsels clients towards total empowerment and embrace of both the shadow and light. Her oracular skills ignite fires and spiritual enlightenment. Her introductory course I have taken, and now continue to study as part of the ongoing community, prepares students for a long-term journey of astrological research and counselling support.

My journey into astrology was rather spontaneous and led from my heart. This was at first a total repulsion, founded in my experience of Christian ideas around the study and interpretation of stars, and our society’s misunderstanding and unhealthy views of horoscopes, which often are heavily distorted and completely unhelpful. And then, a gentle tugging from my heart guided me to meet online with Lalita, after having met in person in gorgeous Hawaii whilst on holiday. At a pivotal time in my life, as my career changed and I continued to struggle to connect with my current life scenarios and locality, I found a burst of coming home to myself as I beheld my Divine imprint.

The key for me is this narrative: when we come into human form we choose our stars and planets in the sky, to be guided by, just as Jesus did also upon his birth. It is not unholy or deceived, but actually a sacred and ancient practice. It is up to each one of us to consider this and reflect. For me, the magical study of the chart of the skies at my birth bestows me daily with an anchor, a way to myself and my practical mission.

For more information about Lalita and her Galactic Shaman Astrology Community, please see here, or for recordings here.

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Isis with the planets as her crown, moon and sun at her shoulders, as masculine and feminine
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