Ancient Astrology

An offering of insight, allowing me to hone my skills and learn from you.

The beauty of Ancient Astrology inspires me deeply, supporting my personal evolutionary journey and embodiment.

~Astrology, nuanced with myth and archetype, creates an expansive scene;

~On this platform the scenarios of life can freely play out and one can observe, nourish and walk through the challenges.

~It is a dance between light and dark, dark and light, until wholeness can be experienced in the moment.

~The birth chart is a beautiful road map, a labyrinth of wild adventure, which can guide us through and beyond.

~We use it as a tool, and become our own sovereign being, even of the stars, the planets, pitfalls, and life stories…

~*~ I would love to read and discuss your chart ~*~
By donation sliding scale depending on your financial capacity: Earth ~ £25; Air ~ £40 Water ~ £55; Fire ~ £70

Celestial Consultations

My Experience

I have a rich and ongoing self-exploratory experience of my inner world, shadows, and subconscious psyche, with intention for wholly embracing the narratives of who I am, and hearing the call to healing of ancestral and collective wounds.

My journey involves a life-long love of Yoga and physical embodiment, in the unraveling of the wild feminine and her innate knowing from deep within her Womb and body. The feminine ‘mysteries’ have called me since a young age of fascination with Mary, mother of Jesus, and the mystical creative alchemy we carry as women. I later became enraptured with the quality of ‘Holy Spirit’, known similarly as Shekinah or Kundalini: my body began to tingle, move like waves and pulsate with radical life force. Spiritual community around me experienced awakening too, as if the atoms and DNA in our bodies were vibrating with evolution, and releasing ancient codes from the ancients, our ancestors and times long before where we lived in greater harmony and love. My love of ancient history, mythology and archetypal psychology began.

My journey into astrology was rather spontaneous and led from my heart. This was at first a total repulsion, founded in my experience of Christian ideas around the study and interpretation of stars, and our society’s misunderstanding and unhealthy views of horoscopes, which often are heavily distorted and completely unhelpful. And then, a gentle tugging from my heart guided me to meet online with an experienced Astrologer who I recently met, Lalita Karoli. At a pivotal time in my life, as my career changed and I continued to struggle to connect with my current life scenarios and locality, I found a burst of coming home to myself as I beheld my Divine imprint.

As I enjoyed continued discovery of my own birth chart, I began to feel my body’s call to embrace a further study of Ancient Astrology; a root form of Astrology, which founds the current Vedic and Modern Astrology. These roots lie in Greek, but also back to Babylonian cultures, where astrologers gazed readily at the unfurling skies, and were the time keepers and oracles for leaders and whole societies. In our current time we had lost connection to this more accurate and simple practice, where using classical rulers of the Zodiac and the whole-house system, among many other techniques are embraced. In the last few decades there has been a surge of radical feminine understanding of the Stars, Planets and asteroids, particularly as large celestial bodies became known as timeless Goddesses and archetypes, casting the roles of women throughout history, and guiding us to remember our ancient roots, and to embody a holistic understanding of our psyche. Both as man and woman, and beyond… the study of astrology alongside mythology opens the windows to a plethora of inter-relational complexities, such as the theme of gender, duality, sexuality…

These are the topics I love to explore. I readily use a whole range of asteroids based on mythology, particularly those pertaining to empowered feminine archetypes and sacred Earth. I’m also discovering my interest in the dance of Venus and her role within the chart.

My teacher in Shamanic & Ancient Astrology, Lalita Karoli, has decades of experience in working through various astrological systems until she found clarity in the Hellenistic form of astrology through her teacher, Demetra George. She powerfully counsels clients towards total empowerment and embrace of both the shadow and light. Her oracular skills ignite fires and spiritual enlightenment. I began with an introductory course, and now study one-on-one with Lalita, and as part of the Galactic Shaman community, where we regularly create video material to support others.

I am inspired by and learn from Demetra George (pioneer of the feminine asteroids as equivalent to Planets), Chris Brennan (creator of the Astrology Podcast and researcher for Ancient Astrology), Adam Elenbaas (Youtuber and teacher of Ancient Astrology), among many others I continue to engage with and discover through the vast community.

What did you dream about for your life before your soul made its home in your precious body?

And how does your life interweave with the collective story and reality at present?

How can you embody yourself, and be part of the whole?

For more information about Lalita and the Galactic Shaman Astrology Community, please see here, or for recordings here.

This process of knowing the celestial bodies is an ongoing conversation, a weaving together of ourselves, the Planets and Stars, along with their rich mythologies. Our innate sovereignty as multi-dimensional human beings is sparked as we observe the delicate yet poignant traces of our stories in the web of the Cosmos…we see ourself reflected, as in a mirror, in an eternal scene of dynamic movement, harmony, conflict and opportunity. By listening to the lessons learned, the melodies sung, we gently learn how to tend to an evolving life on Earth, in reverence both to the Heavens, the Earth and our ancient narrative played out through centuries, giving rise to our capacity to move beyond old, repeated karmic patterns or shadows hidden deep in our ancestral psyche, and to rise as one with All that Is. On this path of relational healing, I believe we become embodied and equipped to solidly walk our path with humility, integrity and wisdom.

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