To Ourselves

May we more greatly embody Divine Essence. Absolute Love, for ourselves…for each other, for All of Life…what would this look like?

Sessions of empowering body work, known as Sacred Body Awakening. Be immersed in activation to your inner truth and divinity, as I draw from the ancient wellspring of the Magdalene path in humble service. The Alabaster Jar is metaphorically poured out upon your feet and body.

Sacred Body Awakening cannot be truly defined by words, but generally feels like a blend of massage, energy work, prayer, sound healing and meditation. These are of high frequency, preserving the sanctity of the bodily and spiritual most high Temple. I create this space with great dedication and in surrender to wisdom. This is a powerful experience which will support you greatly. It is indeed an intimate space, and you may but wear a shawl if you are comfortable. Prepare for a sacred prayer in your most innocent heart. You will be held and blessed so deeply.

Each session takes place in my intimate prayer/yoga room, lasts between an hour to 90 minutes, and costs £80. You can book by email here.

Click to hear my mini testimony post-training in France 2018

More about Sacred Body Awakening and My Passion:

My heart’s cry is to awaken to Love across all halls of my body and my dance with this wonderful life.

I find myself present in this realm of compassion, a calling I have known all my life, from studies of Mother Teresa, and radical missionaries, to learning from beloved teachers of Mystery, and especially, the Dark Mother. She, our womb from whence we came. Before there was light, there was darkness…behold, it is beautiful. We are not without the embrace of both Father and Mother.

My experience and belief in Father God is being complemented by on ongoing enrichment of knowing the feminine essence of God. The wild and un-tamable Shekinah Spirit. Not Christian, Jewish, nor Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh…but before and within. We are, that which is. We are awakening to Divine presence. This is my service; to be in service of awakening to embodied, complete Love. We are not putting aside or even condemning our sexuality, our primal or even natural nature. This has been my prior experience. No, we are returning…re-emerging as triumphant Phoenix birds, with healing on our wings. It is through these sessions, yielded to Divine, that I dare to invite you to develop intimacy with yourself, and to find your Union with God in your unique way. I share briefly about my experience of sacred sexuality here on my Youtube channel.

You are most warmly invited to try this for yourself.

All my love,


The code of a blossoming rose, who releases golden liquid light to feed the world

For further information…

I learnt this work through Anaiya Sophia, in Southern France. She seeks to recreate the temple of Priestess encounter, towards a reunion of Christ and Sophia, Yeshua and Magdalene. Or in other words, our masculine and feminine. The conflict of all our times.

What is our Divine Essence? A reflection…

Knowing our Truth means multiple things to all of us. Hearty aspects can revolve around unity of the dual Lilith and Eve nature, or the ‘fallen’ feminine and her ‘enlightened’ self. Darkness and Light. What a tale!

This darkness is associated, through old doctrine and inherited beliefs, with manipulative, dangerous, and inherently evil behaviour. Kundalini is intertwined here, to paint a picture of disobedient woman poisoned by spiralling snakes, who leads Adam astray from Eden and banishes them into punishment.

But this essence of feminine has been largely misunderstood, and has lain dormant and restrained in most of us. What we have thought was too much, scandalous or scary is often connected with our innate sexuality, wisdom and power. Our depths have become confused over time, and consequently we have adopted our societal beliefs to cover up the shrouded parts of us which we are almost unconscious of.

The central heart of this work is the redemption and re-awakening of our true and pure essence, which is not malevolent as we have told ourselves, but is our innocent connection to the Holy Spirit. Conflict and greed for power have split us into two: light and dark. Whereas, originally, we were found as whole and complete in our human and divine identity.

Practically this has meant, both in the societal and spiritual world, that we over associate with the light, the man made (often hierarchical) systems, outward actions, and ‘ascension’. We forget the mystery of darkness, the ceasing from doing, the tribal earth cultures of old, and the importance of emotive sexuality. In our individual lives we can feel disconnected from our natural surroundings, each other and a wholeness in our intimate relationships. There is a sexual force which longs to rise and shine, as the innocent, loving spirit that she is; to bestow fertility and life to all, just like the natural earth. The old doctrines have maimed her as a prostitute. Mary Magdalene was painted as such a woman. My question has been: is she truly? And then I arrived at thinking: it doesn’t verily matter. For even the work of a prostitute, who is to judge? I believe the truth about her and so many women has been covered and forgotten…who were keepers of the sacred path of Divine Union, and peace for all on earth. Years on and our view of sexuality became split between good and evil.

When we start to redeem our wells of exuberance we notice the emergence of our ‘shadows’, or own festering wounds, which we punished to the basement cells. This is the opportunity to embrace and heal the vestiges of our collective past, experienced within our very selves. It is this journey of purifying the shreds of blackened cloth, together with the bright white robes of heavenly wonder. It is not an immediate healing, but a journey of re-piecing ourselves together, allowing the encounter with our powerfully wise essential and sexual nature. Until eventually, we come to see our true nature as completely beautiful. No stains, no marks… but totally healed and free. Of service to all. Perhaps this was what was meant when the Songs of Solomon described the bride to be dark, yet lovely.

May your journey be found precious in every way.

Thank you.

Light and dark embodiment, the journey
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