A union of Nutritional Well-Being and Sacred Spirituality, with Kundalini Yoga and Ancient Astrology ❤

by Emeline

In devotion to the restoration of true Empowerment

Rooted in my personal journey of unfurling the inner fire to create and confidently express my gifts and calling

Following my study of European and International Politics, and work across humanitarian NGOs, I came to notice the great need for therapeutic, holistic methods for long-term healing. Whether this be a renewed perspective in political arenas, or support for survivors of sexual abuse, my heart was radically moved to respond. Upon leaving University I enrolled for training in my church community, then trained as a Missionary in Mozambique, and discovered a deep longing to surrender to the Divine. After a year of recently working with Syrian Refugees arriving in Hertfordshire (UK), I decided to hold space for what I can tangibly offer others seeking transformative empowerment.

Spirituality and Yoga: I have been deeply inspired by independent individuals, such as Anaiya Sophia, who’s immersive course in Sacred Body Awakening opened my inner doors to a profound and beautiful style of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I began to train as a Kundalini Yoga teacher afterwards, and qualify this year (2019) with Amrit Nam Sarovar. The well of life has led me to richly experience Anglican and Evangelical Christianity, Mystical and Gnostic faiths, and more recently Shamanism and Yogic philosophies. I feel drawn to the sacred practice of inner union, in times of worldwide crises and duality, there is a longing to reunite and find true wholeness from within. It is my heart’s prayer to tend to this inner garden of paradise, to heal my wounds, and to give abundantly from this place. I share from my spiritual journey on my blog here.

Chocolate and Nutrition – Since a child I have been enthralled with nutrition for health and healing. Making chocolate is a passion of mine, for self-love and sacred gifts. I began to add certain herbs for healing, and experiment with ingredients for organic, vegan and mostly raw chocolates. Friends began to ask that I would sell them my homemade chocolates! This ignited my journey of developing a chocolate business, and aspiring nutritional service. I called this Chocolate Bliss, and now united with Yoga, and Spirituality expressions to be Empowered Bliss. This coming 2020 I will take part in an advanced Raw Chef course with Raw Living.

Shamanic Astrology – A first astrology reading in 2018 sparked my passionate study of Ancient forms of Astrology. Surprised to find such accurateness and wisdom within this very old practice, I experienced a redemption of my beliefs towards this. I have recently finished a level 1 course in Astrology for Counselling, as led by Lalita Karoli found here . I am fascinated by the deep psychology, the mythology and intricate connections to the individual journey of evolution. I can be found drawing charts, reading, writing, and practising with friends.

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