Yoga with Emeline

Yoga with Emeline

Online Sessions ~ Friday Evening
Flowing with Kundalini Yoga, creative Meditation & Astrology.
I’m deeply inspired by my practice of Womb-conscious Yoga, the path of the wild feminine, and our Earth-based & Cosmic mythologies through my practice of Shamanic Astrology.

During this past year I’ve experimented in my Yoga practice, mixing Womb Yoga with Kundalini, preferring one to the other, just making up whatever felt ‘good’, enjoying moments of classic flow… and, questioning what the heck is Yoga, and how does it work for me personally? It feels like an unraveling of: ‘what suits me now? how do I feel? how can I lovingly support myself in this moment?
So on this journey I am inviting you to experience a passion filled mix of Yoga. Mostly featuring Kundalini practices, with some womb/sacral based and flowing movements.
My personal devotion is to life force, shakti, kundalini … the sensual, or sexual, river of life which flows through our male/female bodies, and nourishes our entire being. Without which I find I cannot truly be who I am, play, work, create… this wild, ferocious yet entirely peaceful torrent of natural energy is the ‘sizzle’ of being alive, the raw tang, the holy spirit & wild goose of the wilderness. I think you know what I mean!
That’s my contemplation often when I am Yoga-ing is ~ ‘can I feel this? where am I?’
I’ve trained in Kundalini Yoga, with experience in other Yoga styles.
Simply come are You Are.

Sign up by messaging me here to receive your Zoom link (Recording available)
You’re welcome to donate ~ £10 suggestion.
10% of proceeds to a heartfelt cause.

Our training in the French Alps – 2019: above and below

My training is with Amrit Nam Sarovar, led by beautiful healer & guide, Har Nal Kaur.

My local teachers, Laura Hinde & Louise Stanion (among others Online & beyond) inspire me deeply.

A little more about Kundalini Yoga…

This art beautifully weaves all spiritual backgrounds together and offers a doorway to the soul. Indeed rooted in the traditions of the original teacher in the West, who hails from a Sikh culture, it is not a religion nor ideology of a certain way. Instead, the technology of this truly ancient yoga offers an invitation to journey into our core essence, deeply rooted in the body, soul and mind.

Divine Flow surrounds us…we are opening ourselves to commune with, receive and share life’s blessing, through each and every moment. We are intimately supported and loved.

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